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Teaching Mathematics as a supply teacher

As one of four Learning Partnerships working with it is important that the Learning Partnership accurately reflects the needs of the local supply teaching London learner, current provision and gaps. It continues to develop a more co-ordinated focus with other Learning Partnerships, within the Humber Sub-Region and other neighbouring areas, collaborating on cross-border issues.

How do we do it?

To ensure the success of a project we develop a partnership approach with our clients. Our goal is to deliver value for money, cost-effective, practical learning solutions within client's budgets and deadlines ltd place much emphasis on providing a high quality service and ensuring that our leading edge learning interventions meet clients' expectations.

The Learning venue provides a wide range of effective e-learning courses for individuals and businesses, using its network of training partners and the Internet. Our centres are located in, and run by, Further Education Colleges, libraries, private training providers and community-led projects.

Our partnership of learning centres covers North-West and West London, Surrey.. We also provide training, nationwide, for people working in the transport and logistics industries. Our learners can attend a local centre or, if they prefer, take a Virtual Learning course via the Internet from their home or place of work.

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